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  • Spring Thaw Restrictions
    • The maximum allowable vehicular weight on posted sections of State Highways is 30,000 pound gross weight, or the cumulative width in inches of all tires contacting the road surface multiplied by 300, whichever is less. Under State Law (RSA Section 236:3-a), trucks carrying home heating oil, processed milk products, maple sap, and septic pumper trucks are exempted from seasonal bans with the approval of NHDOT District Engineers.
  • NHDOS Additional Certification and Registration and NHDOT Oversize/Overweight Permits
    • Carriers are not allowed to utilize NHDOS Additional Certification and Registration issued per RSA 266:18-d combined with permits issued by the NHDOT Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) Permit Office. Single trip permits, Annual Permit Supplemental permits, and Emergency permits are issued by NHDOT OS/OW Permit office for actual weight and dimensions. Any non-divisible load that exceeds the legal weight on an annual permit shall apply for a supplemental permit with the actual weight to assure the route provided can be safely traversed.
  • Password Change Required
    • Change in password is required every 90 days. This a Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
  • Route Surveys
    • Loads greater than 110 feet in length and/or greater than 13 feet 6 inches in height require a Route Survey. Route Surveys may be required for other conditions as determined by NHDOT. The Route Survey form will be generated by NHDOT Permits based on the load information and route generated by the system. The applicant is required to download the system generated Route Survey form, complete the form by the applicant or a Route Survey company on behalf of the applicant, and upload the Route Survey form with the permit application. Route Surveys will be saved in the system and can be re-used by the same carrier for the same load criteria and route for up to 30 days or less based on changes to transportation infrastructure of restriction conditions.

      Submittal of a completed and signed route survey is an attestation that the route has been surveyed by driving the route provided on the route survey form and the vehicle and load can safely complete the trip including all dimensions provided on the route survey form. Submitted route surveys must include any obstructions, dimensional conflicts, special driving directions including lanes of travel, speeds, and traffic control requirements. Route surveys are part of the information the applicant provides to obtain a permit and are a condition of the permit. The Driver's signature on the permit certifies that all information is accurate and complete. Permits are signed under penalty of unsworn falsification pursuant to New Hampshire RSA 641.3.
  • Construction Travel Restrictions and Annual Road Postings
    • All construction, maintenance, parade, and annual spring road postings on NHDOT maintained roads are managed within the restriction manager of the new permitting system. Details of restrictions can be obtained by clicking or hovering over the restriction(s) which are shown in red after the route is generated by the system on the routing page.
  • Holiday Travel Restrictions
    • For details on the HOLIDAY TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS, see the link '2023 Holiday Travel Restrictions' in the links list.
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  • Overweight Certification and additional registrations for weight (reducible/divisible) are processed at NH DOS IRP or any NH DMV office. NHDOS IRP may be contacted by telephone at 603-227-4110 or by email at: nhirp@dos.nh.gov for additional information on certification and additional registration. This permitting system does not issue permits for "reducible/divisible" loads unless during a Presidential Emergency Declaration.
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  • (603) 271-2691 | (603) 271-6084
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